Elodie Frege Nude Scene Video – La main du mal s01e01 (2016)

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Elodie Frege is seen sitting nude in the bath tub with the hands of her male partner over her shoulders who was massaging her shoulders and neck. In the next scene, the tap from the water stops coming while Elodie Frege was inside the bath tub under the water. She makes her head out from the water and saws the face of a man in the window mirror straight to her bath tub. She screams in horror and the clip ends there. The clip is very short and is taken from the television serial named La Main Du Mal which was aired on the television in the year 2016. There was not much of the sexual scene or content in the movie clip as the clip is barely of about a minute in length. We only managed to see her white body and her hairs with glimpses of her boobs.